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Mpesa Integration For E-commerce Sites

Mpesa revolutionized mobile payments in Kenya. From being a simple service for sending and receiving money, Mpesa flourished to accommodate the needs of business merchants with the Lipa na Mpesa function. Today, you can integrate Mpesa to your website for faster, easier, and safer transactions between your business, your customers, and your suppliers.

What is an Mpesa Payment Gateway?

Do you have an e-commerce business and wish to receive payments directly from your clients? It used to be the norm for business owners to post their mobile numbers on their websites and have customers pay them directly, but that process was both tedious and costly. Then came the paybill and till numbers which made transactions more secure, but why should your clients do all the work when you can easily automate your e-commerce payments with Mpesa website integration?

Having an Mpesa payment gateway introduces a lipa na Mpesa checkout option on your site. Your shoppers will pay directly into your till or paybill number without having to input all the details in their sim toolkit.

Types of Mpesa Integration Services

You may need to receive payments from your customers or make payments to both your customers and suppliers. Accuracy is paramount when money is involved, and with automated payments, there is zero chance of mistakes. As your business grows, Mpesa integration will help manage the substantial number of transactions you process on a daily basis. You will receive payment status reports and account statements so you can keep track of what you earn and what you spend.

Here are the different types of integration services you can get depending on your business needs:

  • Business to Customer Integration (B2C)

This service enables your business to pay customers directly from your system.

  • Business to Business Integration (B2B)

Do you need to pay your suppliers? B2B integration makes it easier for you to send money to another business directly from your paybill.

  • Customer to Business Integration (C2B)

If you run an e-commerce website, C2B integration will allow you to receive payments from your shoppers without your involvement.

How to Integrate Mpesa to your Website

A lot of information available on Mpesa website integration is technical. The process requires back end development that takes into account your system’s programming language and would best be done by a qualified developer. Lipa na Mpesa website integration also requires API call testing to ensure our system is communicating with the Mpesa API (Application Programming Interface). You don’t need to spend your time and money trying to understand the Mpesa API and set up the gateway yourself. All you need is a paybill account for your business and Digital Tailor Agency will do the rest for you.

Mpesa is rising in the ranks and customers will soon expect lipa na Mpesa to sit next to globally recognized payment options like Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard. Lipa na Mpesa website integration contributes to the seamless shopping experience your customers are after and boosts your business productivity.



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