Payment and mpesa integration is a must for business that want to receive money from the local kenyans. Getting paid is the end game of every business. Here in Kenya, having an Mpesa payment option could make or break your business. We help you complete your sales process online by integrating Mpesa to your website to enable you to accommodate more clientele. Since the internet has transformed local businesses into global enterprises, we also integrate your website with globally accepted payment options like PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Let Us Tailor a Solution For You


    • C2B Integration

      Receiving payments for your business’ goods and services from your customers? C2B integration automates verification and record management to help you keep us with growing transactions for your business.

    • B2B Integration

      Pay your suppliers and other business partners directly from your website or system with funds in your Mpesa paybill account.

    • B2C integration

      Make automated Mpesa payments to your customers directly from your system with funds from your Paybill account.

    • Online Checkout

      Sell products and services on your ecommerce website with a seamless Mpesa checkout process, based on STK push, that removes the worry of customers paying to the wrong Paybill account.


    Receive & Make Payments

    Your clients will have an online checkout that gives them Mpesa and card payment options. Our payments integration allows you to receive funds and make payments. We will configure your systems to allow you to easily make refunds to your clients or pay bills.


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    Automatic Verification and Notification

     Are you worried that you will be short changed? We develop a payments integration system that automatically verifies the accuracy of payments. We will also ensure you and your clients get notified every time payments are made.


    Don’t worry about the math. Digital Tailor developers will create a payments integrations system that generates useful reports and account statements. We will create an easy to use dashboard so that you can view how much you are getting paid and how much you are spending.

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    Mpesa integration is the synchronization of an application, website or system with the Mpesa web API so as to automate payments verification, disbursements and payment records management.



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    Paybill Account Application

    To integrate a website, app or system with the Mpesa web API, you must register for an Mpesa paybill account for your business

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    Content Production

    Our copywriting team creates your website’s copy. We understand that your website needs marketing copy that is optimized for SEO and clearly communicates what you do to website visitors.

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    Back End Development

    A developer writes computer code to integrate your system with the Mpesa API. The API supports several programming languages including PHP, Python, Ruby and Java

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    API Call Testing

    Testing is done after development to establish communication between your system and the Mpesa API. This step is crucial because payment information is sensitive and its accuracy is paramount

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    After thorough testing, we launch the Mpesa integration service on your system and you are ready to accept Mpesa payments



    Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, DTA has you covered with industry compliant solutions.

    Stop wasting time and money on technology. Explore our company

    Why choose us


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      Direct Integration to Mpesa System

      We do not use third party payment providers to integrate Mpesa ensuring speedy verification and minimal transaction costs for you

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      Multi-language Expertise

      Our engineers are experienced in various programming languages ensuring they can deliver on Mpesa integration projects regardless of your system’s programming language

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