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Top 8 tips to beat your competitor in digital marketing

Competition for clients is stiff especially in the digital market where there is so much online noise. To stand out you have to beat your competitors at the game. Think of any game, if you want to win against your competitor you also need to learn their tactics as well as have your own tactics to outdo them.

Here are some basic yet overlooked tips to get you ahead of the competition.


  1. Be customer-driven
    How well do you know your customers? You need to be able to answer the questions that your customers and even the potential customers ask. The answers should be available on your website as well as easily accessible through search engines. This calls for quality content that will get your site highly ranked.
    The social media also plays a great role in increasing conversion rates as it provides a platform to communicate with your customers. But having a social media platform is not enough, it requires that you are active and have high response rates. When you listen to your customers then you will have set a foundation that will help you succeed in digital marketing.
  2. Competitor research
    You probably have a “mind your own business” mindset. But, when it comes to running a business, well you better forget that.
    The only way to become better in what you do is knowing your competition. This means literally snooping into your competitor’s business. I don’t mean hiding somewhere behind their premises. Think of learning all you can about their target audience, who they are, what they offer, how they carry out their marketing among others. This will help you identify opportunities that your competitors have missed out. You also get to identify trends to capitalize on.
    The biggest mistake most businesses do is to copy what their competitors are doing. This will just make you be like everyone else in the market.
    So, despite learning about your competitor, you need to differentiate yourself from the cloud and stand out to give clients a reason to come to your business.
  3. Build your brand
    Develop your own identity. What do clients identify you with?
    The fact is you will always face competition from existing businesses or new entrants. The best you can do is to build a long-term bond with your customers. When you hear the word “Nike”, what comes to mind. This is the kind of identity you need to work towards creating.
  4. Use different channels of marketing
    If you are only using say search engine marketing to get your business out there, then you are missing out on a multitude of potential customers who want to do business with you. The best you can do is to make use of different marketing channels available such as Social media advertising, Email Marketing, and video marketing among others.
    Keep in mind that you need more than an advertising strategy. To build an online presence that will help you close deals, you need to create a consistent story across all your online media pages.
  5. Connect with influencers
    Let’s face it, you won’t wake up one day, put your business online and everyone comes to you. Nobody will know of your existence if you don’t tell them. You’d be lucky to have people accidentally stumble upon your products or services and become loyal clients. People tend to easily trust persons they know, whether on a personal level or through friends.

Today the media has played a role in creating influencers. These could be celebrities, Tv personalities, and musicians among other popular people. Working with such people who have a following makes it easy to get your product out there and has a higher rate of conversion.

  1. Monitor and measure
    Apart from monitoring your competition, you also need to monitor whether your own marketing efforts are delivering maximum results.
    Be flexible and avoid creating a rigid strategy. This includes testing different marketing approaches and adapting to what brings in the results you are looking for.
  2. Use digital tools
    With new technologies emerging on a daily basis it’s now easy to automate tasks that save on time as well as analyzing data.
  • Use Chatbots as your conversational agents to keep the customers engaged in a conversation and also make your business more available anytime.
  • Tools like SEMrush a free tool will help you analyze your competitor keyword ranking.
  • Google analytics helps measure your website activity.
  • List your business with Google my business which makes it easier for customers to find you. GMB also helps you capitalize on local SEO when customers are searching for businesses available within their locations.

The idea is to select tools that will help you grow your business easily and quickly. Remember, it’s crucial that you select the right tools for your business.

  1. Work with an Agency
    As a business person, there is always so much to deal with to achieve your goals. You need to keep in mind that digital marketing is very competitive and requires total dedication. You may choose to engage your employees with digital marketing. But this will only affect their productivity in other business-related tasks. Depending on your digital marketing goals you should consider working with a company that specializes in this field. Here is why you should outsource your digital marketing.

Are you doing it right?
Every business wants to be number one in its niche. As a result, many businesses are turning to digital marketing to look for customers as well as create brand awareness. Anyone can put up a digital campaign but getting ahead of the competition requires one to do more than just been online. The above tips will not only help you get ahead of the competition but also help you grow your business.

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