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Social Media Marketing: 5 Effective Tips for a Successful Campaign.

Social media platforms have evolved from being socializing platforms to being indispensable marketing tools for organizations. Currently, over 80% of all small businesses are on at least one social media platform. Social media has become so powerful that entrepreneurs are launching successful businesses online.

However, being on social media is not enough. You have to look for ingenious ways of reaching more people including running social ads. How do you ensure your ads are a success? Here are 5 effective tips for running a successful social campaign.

Clearly define your goals and objectives.

It is impossible to achieve measurable results when you don’t even know what it is you’re trying to achieve. A solid social media campaign strategy should first layout the goals and objectives of the campaign, which should also be in alignment with the overall goals of the company. What exactly do you hope to achieve with the social ads? Is it brand awareness? Lead generation? Boost sales? Make these objectives as specific as possible and include statistics where necessary.

Conduct audience research.

Different social media platforms attract different audiences. If you’re looking to market your products or services, you need to know your audience inside out. What platforms do they have a preference for? What are their pain points? Which media are they likely to respond more to? Analyze their behaviors and trends extensively. Engaging your audience is a focal point of running a successful social media campaign. Once you fully understand your audience’s wants and needs, you’re in a better position to create an ad that will pique their interest and run it on the relevant platform. 

 Spy on your competitors and industry gurus.

If your major competitors are running successful social ads then they must be doing something right. Don’t shy away from borrowing a leaf form their campaign strategy because if it’s working for them, there’s a high chance it will work for you too. This is not to mean that you should do duplicate their social media strategy. Competitor research is to help you create a campaign that is better than theirs.

Craft creative content.

One key component of a successful social media campaign is audience engagement. If your ad gets hundreds of shares and thousands of reacts, then the ROI will also be high. Every bit of the social ad should be well thought out. Make the content as interesting as possible and avoid making it seem like a sales pitch. There is a reason why social media marketing is working; people no longer want sales ads, they want to create connections with their favorite brands.  

Use mindblowing graphics.

 Plain content without accompanying graphics rarely yields results. 

Based on your audience research, decide on what media to use, be it an article, images or videos. It is the graphics that capture the attention of the target audience, making them want to click on your ad. Use witty captions and unique images that they can relate with and that trigger a positive brand perception. Get expert graphic designers to design the posters for you.

Social media marketing is booming and businesses are yielding high profits and attracting more customers by the day. However, before utilizing the above tips, make sure that your social profiles are fully optimized. This will both boost your SEO and help you gain more followers. 

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