Why You Should Outsource Your Digital Marketing

What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to digital marketing? You may have been running campaigns for months and not getting any results. That’s understandable.

Digital marketing takes a lot of work. there is content generation involved, SEO, social media management, and digital campaign management. This is just an overview of what you will have to deal with on a daily basis. This article explores the two options available to you.

The first is a do-it-yourself in-house marketing team. The second is hiring a digital marketing agency that handles all your marketing needs and simply sends clients your way.

In-house Marketing

All it takes is a few training sessions and your in-house marketers are suddenly digital marketers. This option provides you with dedicated, flexible employees who are only focused on your business.

Pros of a DIY Digital Marketing Team:
  • It’s focused on your business

Your employees fully understand the business objectives they should work towards.

  • You save on monthly bills

Outsourcing your digital marketing means you have to pay a standard fee per month depending on the services being offered to you. An in-house team takes their regular salary even with additional duties.

  • Better employee performance

Your employees will be trained in the art of digital marketing. They will be working in conjunction with the objectives of the company and will, therefore, be more skilled and more engaged as a result.With all these pros in place, why would you still need to outsource your digital marketing? It seems like the perfect plan. Teach your current employees to market online. It can't be that hard. But before you jump on that wagon, consider this:

Cons of a DIY Digital Marketing Team
  • The learning curve

Digital marketing involves a lot of work. Your employees may not have the skills, experience, or time to do it all.

  • They lack formal training

You may hire a trainer to show your employees around the digital marketing world. Facebook this. Instagram that. PPC ads require some of this. And bam! Done.The truth is, most of what they will be doing will be learned on the job.Are you really willing to sacrifice precious resources and risk losing potential clients with an in-house team?

  • It is a fast lane

Every day, there are new algorithms being introduced on social media platforms. What worked 6 months ago may not work today. Experience is essential in digital marketing. There are new challenges that demand the expertise of established digital marketing agencies. Your in-house team will encounter a lot for the first time and may not know how to handle it.

  • It costs more

A huge part of it involves repetitive tasks. Posting on social media daily. Designing graphics that go with the posts... Here’s a little secret; digital agencies don’t do all these manually. There is software that makes social media management and digital campaign tracking way easier. You will have to buy company accounts and pay what might amount to hundreds of dollars. Are you willing to risk it all for mediocre results?

Here’s Why You Should Outsource your Digital Marketing Services

First, it is more efficient. Digital marketers employed by marketing agencies are trained and certified. They know what they are doing. They have handled hundreds of jobs and know how to respond to new challenges.

Second, it is cheaper. The money you pay for social media management saves you time, effort, and money that you would otherwise pay for software necessary to the field.

Lastly, It is more complex than most people make it out to be. On the surface, it looks and feels like traditional marketing. In reality, there is a lot more writing involved (quality writing). A lot more design work. A lot more content distribution, editing, strategizing, and not to mention analytics.The best marketing agencies track customer behavior and sell to targeted audiences.

On a daily basis, digital marketers research and implement new strategies that are vital to business success. In the long run, it is better to outsource these services to professionals who know what they are doing.

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