Is Billboard Advertising Dead?

Billboard advertising seems misplaced in a world where everyone is focused on social media and mobile phones. While people are spending more time away from their homes, they are also spending more time looking down at their cellphones. Is outdoor media advertising equipped to bring any success to your business?

Let's Look at the Numbers

Billboards receive about 2 - 4 seconds of attention. Besides, there is no real way to evaluate who consumes the messages on outdoor media advertising. However, geographical placement gives billboards a 24-hour placement that is exposed to the masses.

Plus, the cost per 1000 exposures is cheaper with outdoor advertising. If you think billboard advertisement is dead, you may be thinking about the wrong kinds of billboards.

Electronic Billboards

Outdoor media advertising is not about placing your billboard at a static location and simply hope for the best. Modern billboards are electronic, customizable, and can change depending on a number of factors.

If you are running a Facebook ad, you can reinforce your campaign by using electronic billboard advertising that can run in different locations at the same time. More to this, you can schedule different campaigns depending on the time of day, season, or even weather. You can only be limited by your imagination.

Outdoor Advertising Inspires Impulse Buying

When people are driving and see a billboard advertisement for a new restaurant in town, they are likely to stop by and check it out. Outdoor media advertising can prompt customers to check out your website and even download an app.

You never know who needs your services, and advertising to the masses might just reel a few fish into your net. If you offer a delivery service, a tired person sitting in traffic might decide to order food and have it delivered to their home because they were prompted by the advertisement.

Skip the Ad-Blockers

65 percent of online users skip ads. Whether you are advertising on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, users are likely to pass the ads or use software that will prevent them from showing.

Digital marketing is a tricky area and you have to know how to navigate it to reach the most people with your marketing. It is advisable to hire professionals to do it for you. With billboard advertising, users will interact with your campaign anytime they are on the road, giving you total exposure and higher chances of conversion.

Billboard Advertising is More Trustworthy

Millennials are rumored to be the technology-driven generation. While this is true, they only want to use technology because it is efficient in conducting their day to day tasks. Contrary to popular belief, millennials don't just rely on their cellphones to find information.

Out of home media is nonintrusive and tends to blend with the natural environment. Millennials tend to trust billboards more and are likely to interact with a brand after seeing an outdoor media advertisement.

Make the Most out of Billboard Advertising

Digital marketing is not a replacement for traditional marketing methods. Rather, these two mediums complement each other. Now more than ever, electronic media advertising is blossoming.

Marketers have been predicting the death of outdoor media advertising since the 90s, and yet they are still here. Take advantage of billboards and grow your customer base today.

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