Website Design and Development helps you own an online home by developing websites that communicate who you are to your audience; tailor-made just the way you want them. We use our experience to craft beautiful, easy to use designs with the right balance between visual appeal and functionality. With affordable rates, you can get personal websites, corporate websites, eCommerce sites, Social websites, News websites, or whatever else fits your needs. Our pricing plans are segmented to give you quality, dynamic websites that fit your budget.



    • Corporate Websites

      Your corporate brand image must inspire confidence and show you are credible and reliable. We craft designs that put your corporate image at the forefront, communicating clearly to your audience what you do.

    • Website Redesign

      Are you looking for a fresh look for your website? Is your website not converting as many leads as it used to? We will ensure you stay up to date with the latest technological trends thereby improving your online engagement.

    • Third Party Integration

      Wondering how to connect your business applications to your website? We do integrations with third party software to keep your organization’s activities synchronized. This ensures that no leads are lost in between website queries and your customer relations management software.

    • Personal Websites

      Are you looking to present your professional profile and portfolio to the world? We help you show the world who you are, what you have achieved and what you have to offer.

    • eCommerce Sites

      Looking to reach out to clients beyond your physical store? We develop eCommerce sites to display your products online and allow you to manage your online store’s orders and receive payments from cards and Mpesa.

    • Blogging Sites

      Are you a creative looking to reach a large audience with your writing? Or you are an authority in a certain industry, and you want to educate the masses? We keep your blog neat and easy to navigate to keep your audience engaged.


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    Fast Delivery

    Get your website up and running in a short time with the expertise of our dedicated team.

    Latest Web Technologies

    Own a website built with up to date web technologies that are compliant with the World Wide Web Consortium Standards. Our engineers employ a continuous learning model to ensure we deliver industry compliant solutions.

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    Defined Communication Channels

    Get project status information throughout your website’s development process with a dedicated Project Dashboard on our Project Management Software. We assign a dedicated account manager for your website project to get all your requirements and be the contact person throughout the project lifestyle.

    Iterative Development Process

    Work with a team that involves you during the whole development process. Our methodologies prioritize user needs and continuous enhancements to the project at every project cycle.

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    Support & Maintenance

    After completion, our engineers provide technical support, carry out bug fixes and run security scans to keep your website updated and secure.


    Website design and development involves gathering information, planning, design layout, content creation, coding, testing and maintenance of your website. Your website will contain information about you, or your company, educational institution, government or organization.



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    Website Layout

    Our team of systems analysts and UX designers create your website’s sitemap. The sitemap outlines your website’s navigation, usability, and content layout.

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    Content Production

    Our copywriting team creates your website’s copy. We understand that your website needs marketing copy that is optimized for SEO and clearly communicates what you do to website visitors.

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    Graphic Design

    Visual graphic content communicates better than writing. Our UI/UX designers craft your website’s user interface and design pictorial displays to give you a beautiful website design.

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    Domain Name

    Your website needs an address and name to get identified on the internet, just like a physical shop. Too confusing? No worries! We help you register your domain name.

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    Cloud Hosting

    Your website needs a home, usually referred to as website hosting. We host your website in a secure, reliable and fast cloud environment. Cloud hosting guarantees up to 99.99% uptime for your website and hacker protection.

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    Images, Diagrams & Tables

    Infographics, price tables, diagrams and figures that describe your organisation are drawn using graphic software such as Corel, Adobe photoshop and then convert to html, css and JavaScript for them to render on the website well.



    With a website design in place, our engineers write computer code. Coding combines front end development, which is what users see when they visit your website, and back end development which runs on servers. It is the final step that comprises merging all of the above steps and making something meaningful.

    Why choose us


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      Mobile Responsive

      Enhanced website experience for users on mobile devices

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      Fast Load Times

      Website content served in next gen formats and delivered with powerful Content Delivery Networks

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      Browser Compatibility

      Seamless website experience across Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Edge and all other browsers

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      Effective Information Architecture

      Well laid out website content with easy navigation

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      Secure Sites

      Encryption with the SSL protocol to secure data transfer and online transactions

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      Reliable Hosting

      Cloud-hosting with guaranteed uptimes of up to 99.99% and enhanced security to keep your website accessible and secure

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