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You can achieve more productivity for your business by automating functions. Our software development team makes custom software tailored to your organization. Our experience in deploying cloud-based applications ensures you keep running and monitoring business activities wherever you are.

Are you an entrepreneur driven to solve problems using technology but do not have the technical expertise? Use our talent and experience in software development to launch solutions to the market. Our team has cumulative experience and knowledge is many modern technologies to help fast track your project.

Let Us Tailor a Solution For You


    • Chatbot Development

      Do you yearn to provide your clients with round-the-clock customer service? We develop intelligent chatbots that will pick up the conversation beyond the limits of your client service team. We power the chatbots with artificial intelligence to simulate real human conversations. We will integrate the chatbots with existing systems to synchronize your customer support environment.

    • Cloud-based Apps

      Are you looking for a cost-effective approach to IT products? We develop and deploy apps on the cloud to automate your business. Cloud-based approach removes the need for you to make capital investments in IT infrastructure saving money. Business will enjoy 99.99% systems uptime because apps are deployed on high capacity resource infrastructure.

    • Point of Sale Systems

      Your physical location still needs to adapt to modern payments technology. We develop a secure point of sale systems, capable of accepting card and Mpesa payments. Our solution will include accounts reconciliation functions that will track your sales revenue and give you real-time reports on your financials

    • Fintech Solutions

      Are you a budding entrepreneur looking to revolutionize how people transact online? Our proficiency, developed integrating payments solutions, will bring to life your abstract concepts. We put a lot of emphasis on security and privacy to develop safe and efficient payment systems.


    Agile Project Management

    Get your software development project done with the modern agile methodologies where we focus on fast delivery and continuous improvement.

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    Latest Technologies

    Our engineers develop your software with modern frameworks that achieve program efficiency with minimal code

    Testing and Production Environment

    Access a cloud-based testing environment to view the progress of your software development at any time and from all devices.

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    Defined Communication Channels

    Get full rights to your software’s source code upon project completion. Our engineers use the Bitbucket code repository and versioning platform to ensure your system is backed up


    Software development involves a series of steps that begin with an idea or concept to bringing that idea to life through writing code that achieves several functions that work together towards a common goal. The combination of these functions form a program, and a software may contain several programs working interdependently  to achieve what



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    Requirements Analysis

    We get to know what you need and document your requirements to ensure we develop software that serves your needs.

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    You get a feel of what your software will look like with an interactive mockup. Your input is incorporated and designs refined in an iterative process.

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    Our engineers write efficient and secure code for your software with iterative releases to a testing environment to always keep you in the loop

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    With every release, our engineers conduct multiple types of tests to guarantee reliability, security and efficiency

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    Your software is launched on a secure, live, cloud-based environment and released for use by your target users

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    Support & Maintenance

    Our engineers provide round the clock support for your software, including training, and continuous monitoring, bug fixes and security scans.



    Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, DTA has you covered with industry compliant solutions.

    Stop wasting time and money on technology. Explore our company

    Why choose us


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      Easy Integration

      Software built to coexist with other applications. Integrating with third party software such as payment systems is seamless

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      Cross Platform Solutions

      Cloud deployment for your solutions for accessibility and compatibility

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      We develop with the future in mind. Because we anticipate your expansion

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      Get protection from hackers with continuous system security scans

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      Support & Maintenance

      Round the clock monitoring to keep your systems up to date and guarantee up times

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      Free training for you and your team after deployment

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