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How to Write a Company Profile that Fits your Audience

As long as you offer a valuable service or product to people, your business will always have competition. Customers check out your company profile to get a sense of what your business is about and whether they should pick you over your competitors. A company profile, therefore, is much more than a detailed history of your business. Potential clients notice the language you use, the colors, the fonts, and the general design of your profile. A strong company profile shouldn’t just tell people how you started, it should also state why you chose to start your company as well as your mission, vision, and core values. Still wondering how to write a company profile that attracts and engages your target audience? Here is all you need to do.

  1. Tell Your Story

The best company profiles have it all; a background story, an overview of the company’s products or services, the company’s mission and vision, and the general atmosphere of the business. It is not about what you sell, it is about the experience that your products bring to customers. If you are selling lightbulbs, your company mission should be something like ‘to light up the future by empowering the present’ or ‘to brighten homes and inspire dreams night after night.’ People don’t just buy products, they buy stories, so offer them yours in a well-crafted company profile. If you get people to believe in the greater vision of your brand, you don’t have to aggressively sell your products to them.

  1. A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

If you have been in the business for a while, consider using pictures to show your history. The right balance of text and images on your profile could keep customers reading and scrolling. Use pictures to build a timeline that shows the growth of your company as it inspires people. When your customers can see the change you have undergone over the years, they are more likely to trust you with their business.

  1. Use Video

72 percent of people prefer using video to text. If you feel your story could be better told with a video, then go ahead and do it. Your potential clients will appreciate the extra effort it took you to shoot and edit your profile. Besides, video gives you a greater chance to be more engaging (even funny) as you tell your story.

  1. Write a Company Profile that Fits your Audience

If you work in the finance industry, don’t pile mountains of text in your company profile. Find compelling numbers and tell the story you know your audience wants to hear. Some businesses might succeed in offering long-form stories, and others may succeed in offering minimal text with useful links to other pages on their website. Don’t just use any template you find online. For instance, a company profile crafted for a new business is different from a company profile meant for a small business. Always design your profile for your audience.

  1. Make your Purpose Obvious

Don’t get lost in too much creativity that you forget to clearly communicate your message to your audience. Nobody wants to decipher code on your company profile page. People only want to know how you can help them, so make that clear from word go.

  1. Show your Process

Take your customers through your journey step by step to more clearly demonstrate your values. If you manufacture and sell paper, use pictures or even video to show your audience the entire process. With your customers’ concerns in mind, demonstrate that your process is environmentally friendly and mention that you plant two trees for each one you cut down. It is important to know the most pressing concerns your clients have so you can rise above them from the start.

  1. Back up Your Claims

Customers want to work with companies that can meet their needs. Investors want to put their money behind businesses that demonstrate strong growth potential. Be specific in your descriptions and provide examples that your audience can relate to. Mention the recent successful project your audience has heard of or your collaboration with a high profile and popular company in the industry. Spice up your profile with one or two case studies or mention a publication that featured your business. Your audience needs to know what they are signing up for, and offering them proof of your value is sure to get them hooked. Too much information could also take you off track. The best company profiles provide just enough information to be interesting and relevant.

A company’s mission demonstrates your ability to deliver quality to your customers. When you write a good company profile, your audience can differentiate between you and your competitors. Good profiles deliver value in the form of new customers, investors, and positive brand image.

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