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How To Win Buyers And Influence Sales With Website Redesign.

Website redesign

As a digital agency we often have clients who don’t understand why their website needs a new design. We get it; website redesign not only takes up time but also requires money and resources. It is understandable that you need assurance of the positive effects that redesigning your website will have. Not sure how planning a website redesign will affect your company? Here’s how to win buyers and influence sales with website redesign!

Build Consumer trust

Your website should propel your business and not push potential customers away. As absurd as it may seem, clients tend to see new websites as a sign of growth. Every day your target audience comes across modern websites, be it e-commerce platforms or personal websites. This experience has the effect of raising their standards of what a company website should look like. If a client visits your site and it’s not
current, they will automatically assume it’s outdated and leave.

Enhance site’s usability

One glance at your website is enough for web users to decide on whether to stay on the site or leave. Have you considered that more than 70% of all web users are on their mobile devices? If your site’s layout is only optimized for desktop users then it’s no surprise your site’s traffic is low. Sites with desktop layout forces mobile users to view them in landscape view, something that web users don’t like. With google having launched mobile-first index for mobile users, this also directly affects your site’s SEO. A website redesign will lead to a more responsive website which in turn improves your website rankings.

Enhance effective communication

Visual appearance is one of the most influencing factors for buyers making purchasing decisions. The best website redesign strategy should center around integrating brand colors into the website and consist of professional logo design. By using visual cues, potential clients can immediately view your company as their potential solution provider. This also helps to position your brand in the site’s visitors mind.

Promote new products or services

Website redesign makes it possible for you to highlight any new services or products or services that have been launched. The new design should put more focus on theses product, making it easy for your current and potential clients to view them. Website redesign also helps to keep your site relevant. It is an opportunity for your company to get rid of any generic and outdated content. Old graphics can now be replaced by more compelling images that your target audience can relate with.

Planning on giving your website a fresh new look?

It’s important that you put into account important factors like marketing strategy and business
objectives. Avoid focusing on the website redesign costs but instead, look at the potential benefits you
stand to gain in terms of website traffic and sales. All you need is a professional website design
company to do it for you! Planning a website redesign doesn’t have to be a tasking process. With the right
company by your side, the whole process should be seamless, with the end results being the best website design.

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