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How effective is your branding strategy in kenya?

Your company’s brand is more than its name, slogan or even logo. It is the overall perception and experience that your current and potential customers associate with your products or services. This is why it’s important to first create a branding strategy to guide and act as a roadmap for the entire branding process. You probably have a branding strategy but how effective is it? Here are 5 components of a highly effective branding strategy.

Corporate logos should align with the branding strategy.

Brand promise.

Think of it as your purpose; the reason the company exists in the very first place. The brand promise should be a message that speaks out to your target audience and tells them what to expect from engaging with your product or services. This is your value proposition and is the most important aspect of your company.


All information emanating from your brand should be cohesive and align with the company goals by communicating the same message. Consistency is key when it comes to brand positioning as it helps avoid confusing the target audience. Before posting any content, as yourself whether it enhances your brand image or relates to your products or services in any way. With consistent messaging comes brand recognition which in turn promotes customer loyalty.

Adaptability and flexibility.

Consumer trends and behaviors are dynamic and what may be effective today may not be effective tomorrow. A flexible brand strategy enables your company to stay relevant and gives an opportunity for creative campaigns. This is in no way supposed to affect messaging consistency. While consistency sets your brand standard, flexibility keeps the information fresh. It gives the brand a chance to engage with their target audience in a way they can relate with.

Brand perception.

Effective branding and marketing strategies should capture your customer’s perception.

How have they previously perceived your brand? What are their current perceptions? How do you want them to perceive it in the future? All these are questions that should guide your strategy, especially if past strategies haven’t worked or you’re looking to expand market reach. Brand perception gives invaluable insights into how effective past strategies have been and what changes could be made.

Competitor analysis.

What’s your competitor’s branding strategy and is it working?

You are both in the same industry and targeting the same audience. If their branding strategy is working for them then you can borrow a leaf from it and tailor yours to better position your brand. This is not to say that competitor branding strategies should dictate yours. It is merely a chance to give your company a cutting edge to make it stand out.

Does your branding strategy contain the above components?

Graphic design has a large role to play when it comes to branding strategies. Professional business cards and corporate logos should be in tandem with the company’s branding guidelines. The good news is that you don’t have to create a branding strategy on your own. All you need is a branding company in Kenya to actualize it for you!

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