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Find answers and solutions to some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQ).
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What is your delivery time on projects?

Every project has different requirements and specifications so we work with each client to establish specific expectations. Our measurable service levels specify clear consequences for not living up to agreed-upon expectations.

How can I make sure that client confidentiality is maintained?

Ideas are our most valuable assets and we understand how crucial it is that yours be protected. At Digital Tailor Agency, we advocate for client confidentiality by ensuring a contact is signed before commencement of any project. This contract not only contains the terms and conditions of the company-client relationship but also has a confidentiality clause that protects you.

Do you take on international clients?

Of course! Technology has now made it that people on different ends of the world can easily communicate in real time. As an IT agency, we are always looking for ingenious ways to communicate with international clients and those who aren’t within our locality. Our preferred mode of communication is through skype calls.

What kind of response times can I expect?

We work with each client to establish specific expectations. Our measurable service levels specify clear consequences for not living up to agreed-upon expectations.

What is your project cycle process?

Every project is delicately handled throughout the entire project cycle to ensure only quality results are delivered. We first hold an initial discussion with our clients to understand the project’s basic needs. This is then followed by a follow up in-depth discussion to clarify on the finer details. Once both parties are in agreement, the project is now ready for commencement!

What are your payment options?

Seeing as we work with both local and international clients, we do our best to accommodate them all. Digital Tailor Agency has a variety of payment options including bankers cheques, direct deposits, Mpesa and Paypal.

What are your pricing plans?

We do not have a standard pricing plan as our pricing is based on each individual project’s specifications and complexity coupled with the desired delivery time. Digital Tailor Agency takes pride in being able to tailor custom pricing based on our client’s IT needs. Looking to get a quote? You can easily get one here!

I would like to book an appointment. How can I do that?

We are always delighted to meet up with current and potential clients! Feel free to book an appointment on Hubspot , via phone on +254756000006 or on email at . Should you be around our offices, we also accommodate walk in clients. We look forward to hearing from you!

Can you accommodate projects on short deadlines?

Absolutely! You may have to pay a bit more for the tight schedule but rest assured that this wont in any way affect the project’s quality.

What if we already have an internal IT department?

No problem! We offer scalable solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a full package of IT services, outsourcing projects or consulting, Digital Tailor Agency makes it possible by allowing for an affordable and customized rate service plan

What happens after the delivery of a project?

Our relationship with our clients does not end there. Digital Tailor Agency remains available for any follow-up questions, minor changes and to provide advice where needed. We aim to cultivate healthy business relationships with our clients and not just one-off transactions.

Got a question that is not on our FAQ?

Worry not! Just drop us an email on and we’ll get back to you soonest possible. Alternatively, you could call us on +254756000006 and one of our qualified representatives will handle all of your queries.

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