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Have a website but people just can’t find you? We can change that. Our search engine optimization strategies put the right keywords in your web content to rank you high on search engines like Google. We tailor your content for optimization to generate organic traffic for your website. Digital Tailor will craft SEO strategies for your on-site web content and schedule for off-site guest posts of your content that link back to your site for more traffic.

Let Us Tailor a Solution For You

    • On Page SEO

      Increase traffic to your website by improving content ranking of your page titles, meta descriptions, headers and content

    • Off Page SEO

      Build brand authority by getting backlinks to your website from high authority websites and social media

    • Map Optimization

      Increase visibility of your business locally by improving your Google Maps descriptions

    • Reputation Management

      Maintain your brand image online by protecting your reputation on business listings and other reviews websites


    SEO Audit

    We review your traffic status to know the ROI of your web content. We analyze what keywords are common with your competitors and find unique keywords to build your content around. We audit the effectiveness of your page titles, meta descriptions, images and URLs and backlinks to align them with a valuable strategy to generate more organic traffic.

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    Keyword Research

    You must understand what words your audience use when searching for your services. Digital Tailor will find these keywords and rank them, placing importance on the most used keywords. Ranking professionally researched keywords will help us tailor web content that consistently drives organic traffic from search engines to your website.

    Content Optimization

    With the right keywords in place, we tailor your web content to align with a comprehensive plan for increased traffic to your site. We optimize all blog posts, articles and social media posts with rich keywords and backlinks to redirect traffic to your website. Our Mobile SEO optimization plan tailors mobile friendly web content to improve your search engine rankings with better usability.

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    Testing & Monitoring

    As an entrepreneur, we understand your investment in marketing must generate ROI. Digital Tailor will use advanced analytics tools to track, test and monitor real time performance of our SEO plan. With real time statistics, we quickly adjust to align the SEO plan to dynamic consumer preferences to get you value for your marketing investment.

    Let us tailor a quote for you. Contact us to rank higher on Search Engines.


    Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of increasing website traffic by improving the ranking of unpaid search results about a website on search engine queries.



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    Identifying your website’s current position through technical and content SEO audits reveals areas of improvement that need to be addressed

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    Technical SEO

    Speed and functionality improvements form technical SEO. Optimizing website load times increases lead generation  and reduces bounce rates

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    Keyword Research

    Understanding what your audience searches for online is key to conducting an impactful keyword research. Both short tail and long tail keywords are targeted, providing a combination of high volume search words and impactful low volume searches respectively

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    Link Building

    Content is published in websites with high domain authority to build quality backlinks to your website

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    Content Creation

    Keyword optimized content relating to your business and the services you offer is created to generate traffic to your website from search results and other online sources



    Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, DTA has you covered with industry compliant solutions.

    Stop wasting time and money on technology. Explore our company

    Why choose us


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      White Hat SEO

      We apply ethical SEO strategies that generates organic traffic to your website and avoids blacklisting by Google

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      LSI Compliance

      Strict adherence to SEO LSI guidelines

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      Weekly Reporting

      Receive weekly reports on progress of your SEO efforts

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