Today, running a digital campaign on digital platforms reaches a larger audience with many people on social sites. Running a campaign can be hectic and your staff may be stretched. Digital Tailor runs your digital campaigns, keeping them targeted and tracking to watch consumer reach and return on your investment. We work with you to create a plan and schedule for the campaign, setting goals and basis for performance measurement. Running an effective campaign for you means we do research on your consumers so that we can deliver a targeted marketing campaign.

Let Us Tailor a Solution For You


  • Pay per click (PPC) marketing

    When paying for users that clicked on your advert, you want them to be people who want to buy your products. To meet your need, we do a lot of keyword research to know what your potential customers search for online

  • Email Marketing

    You know email marketing is as direct as digital marketing can get. We tailor compelling email layouts and content for your digital campaign. We also provide comprehensive analytics that let you know who opened the emails or clicked through

  • Influencer Marketing

    Think about the exposure your brand would get from a mention by an influencer with tens or hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. We profile influencers to find those with followers that fit your target market persona

  • Mobile Marketing

    Today phones are very personalized. Since people spend a lot of time on their phones, we run your digital campaigns through mobile banner ads and SMS to reach your target market directly, creating awareness about promotions during campaign.


Market Research

In-depth market research to gain insights about industry and consumer trends and how to package targeted communication.

Competitor Analysis

Review of your brand against competitors to ensure campaign is run according to industry standards.

Market Segmentation

Get unique categories of your target market based on specific demographics data of consumers of your product or service.

Performance Management

Real time monitoring of marketing metrics to check effectiveness of campaign and make appropriate adjustments for optimal effectiveness.

Weekly Reporting

Get weekly reports of your campaign’s progress to stay up to date with the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.


Digital campaign management is the planning, development and management of online marketing efforts to increase engagement, lead conversions, website traffic and revenues, across various digital channels.



  • Goal Setting

    Define business goals you want to achieve with a digital campaign ranging from increasing leads, conversions or brand awareness

  • Identifying Target Market

    Market research to identify your business’ target market to ensure marketing efforts are directed to those likely to buy your products or services

  • Developing Personas

    We put a face to your audience so that we can communicate to them in a language they can relate to

  • Creating a Budget

    Once you decide on a campaign budget, we allocate resources where they will produce optimal results

  • Identify Channels

    Based on your target audience, we select the best digital platforms to run your ads to achieve optimum performance

  • Setting up Ads

    Here, we create ad content, schedule and publish your ads on the identified digital channels

  • Reporting & Performance Management

    Real time analytics of ad performance to check on the effectiveness of campaigns and allow for immediate adjustments

Why choose us


  • conversations-4872_af60b258-251e-41af-b238-dfb706d7b3d4

    Multi-channel expertise

    Access our team’s expertise in multiple digital channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram,YouTube and Google

  • diploma-2983_a6bb0b64-dbc1-431e-ac00-a83597982a0

    Focus on Actionable Metrics

    Our approach prioritizes engagement and lead conversion

  • messaging-app-4876_473fc710-9ecc-4785-9e78-8c9f00ae9498

    Multi Industry Experience

    Our experience working with different industries ensures we have a sound knowledge of your business

  • flag-2979_1fd1d414-4b4f-4887-a94a-493ba8e0b0c7

    Advanced Marketing Tools

    A technology backed approach to achieve advanced monitoring, analytics and reporting for your campaign

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