Sometimes people will skip ads, close pop-ups and scroll past your promotions. When advertising cannot work, we create a content marketing strategy. At the core of our content marketing approach is blogging and microblogging for social media. We craft useful content to educate your audience and bring new leads by generating organic traffic. We tailor content that aligns with your SEO strategy to ensure your marketing strategies complement each other. With a combination of text and videos, we give your audience quality content that is not pushy or sound like a sales pitch. We give them something to connect with.

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  • Blog Management

    Keep an updated blog section on your website with high value content that drives traffic to your website

  • White Papers

    Establish brand authority in your industry with research papers that portray your thought leadership

  • Newsletters

    Share periodic updates with stakeholders to raise awareness about existing projects, upcoming projects and plans for the future

  • eBooks

    Share educational material with the market to increase confidence in your brand and build loyalty


Audience Research

What kind of audience do you want to connect with? We draw up personas of potential consumers to inform the theme of your blogs, articles and press releases. Your audience is always looking for information about the services you offer. We find out what they search for and write about it to answer their questions and doubts and create confidence in your brand.

Relevant Topics

We tailor valuable content for your audience. Our audience research informs us what is most useful to your audience. We watch out for the latest trends in your industry that your audience is interested in and fill in the knowledge gaps to keep your audience coming back to your site, increasing organic traffic.

Assorted Content

Social media audience is easily distracted. We create a rich assortment of content alternating between text with graphical content and videos. With relevant topics, our diverse content selection maintains the curiosity of your audience leading to higher conversion rates and increased social media ROI.


You will get real time analytics of the performance of our content marketing strategy. We will continuously monitor progress and measure performance to adapt quickly and achieve higher conversion rates and increase organic traffic to your website.


Content marketing is an approach that focuses on creating useful content that typically helps users solve problems or gain knowledge on a varied number of issues. The goals of content marketing is to share valuable information around a product or industry that eventually influences buying decisions



Identifying your Audience

Understanding your target audience is at the center of content marketing. It reveals how to create content that speaks to your audience

Defining Your Voice

A successful content strategy carries a consistent theme in all communication that is sent out. The vision of your brand is embedded in this theme

Content Creation

Content is created in various formats including blog posts, explainers videos, ebooks, templates amongst other depending on the optimal delivery format for your audience

Content Distribution

Content is distributed through social media channels, internal blogs, news websites and other thought leadership websites


Performance measurement and management of the content strategy to track whether objectives are met and review relevance against business goals



Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, DTA has you covered with industry compliant solutions.

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Why choose us


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    SEO Expertise

    We create content that complements your SEO strategy

  • flag-2979_1fd1d414-4b4f-4887-a94a-493ba8e0b0c7

    Long term strategies

    Get content plans that walk with you in every stage of your business growth

  • flag-2979_1fd1d414-4b4f-4887-a94a-493ba8e0b0c7

    Audience First Approach

    Content informed by market research of what your audience needs

  • flag-2979_1fd1d414-4b4f-4887-a94a-493ba8e0b0c7

    Industry Expertise

    Experience working within various industries means we understand your business

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    Monitoring Tools

    Technology-backed monitoring of content strategy performance to ensure content reaches the right audience and contributes to your overall marketing efforts

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  • Content Marketing

    Sometimes people will skip ads and scroll past your promotions. When advertising cannot work, use a content marketing strategy.

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  • Search Engine Optimization

    Have a website but people just can’t find you? We can change that

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  • Search Engine Optimization

    Have a website but people just can’t find you? We can change that

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