YOU and I is a social enterprise whose main focus is motivating the youth at a young age and fostering
leadership abilities among them. They aim to build the young generation and equip them with the
relevant mindset for fostering positive change in the workplace.


Since You and I is a company whose main focus is on the youth, it was important that their website be a
refection of that. Most young people currently surf the web on their mobile phones so the site had to be
mobile friendly. The site also needed to be well design to make the target audience want to navigate it.


Digital tailor agency was entrusted with creating a responsive web design, photography and
iconography. This would make the page more relatable to You and I’s target audience and make their
site user-friendly.



Our web design and development team successfully created a user-friendly website with a responsive
design. The resulting site was not only relatable to the younger generation but also easy to navigate.