Xclussive Spaces is a company that provides exclusive workspaces for short-term lease either for a day, a month or any clients’ preferred timeframe. They aim to provide an alternative to owning or long term leasing of traditional workspaces, by presenting the option of a convenient, private and valid business address without incurring high expenses.




The virtual office space business attracts openminded and tech-savvy clientele who expect the utmost convenience and transparency when making their bookings.


DTA was tasked with creating a website for Xclusive Spaces that makes it easy for potential clients to understand the various space and pricing options they have and to ease the process of making bookings.


Our website design team successfully created a website for Xclusive spaces that; clearly displays the different services Xclussive Spaces provides, allow for a straightforward booking process and furnishes website visitors with the contact information they need to make inquiries.