Westcomhub Enterprises is a private limited company that was officially incorporated in 2014. It started off as a small shop selling IT supplies, grew to a supplier and is currently a renowned white market distributor with global brands like Lenovo and HP.


As an expanding company, it was important that their site also reflect the extent of the said expansion. This meant a better website that would accommodate both desktop and mobile users and would be easy to navigate. Westcomhub also needed their site to be optimized to ensure they rank higher than their competitors on search engines.


Our web design and development team was tasked with creating a user friendly website while our seo experts were to optimize the page. We were also entrusted with designing a professional logo and running digital marketing campaigns.



Digital Tailor agency successfully delivered on this project by designing a user centric website that was fully optimized using a variety of keywords. Through digital marketing, Westcomhub was able to reach a wider audience.