Wac Bajaj is the second largest taxi hailing company in Somalia. Their goal is to move people around efficiently by means of Tuktuk, which is the most commonly used mode of transport in Somalia. With most passengers looking for a convenient mode of transportation, Wac bajaj provided them with a viable solution: an app where they could request for rides anywhere.


Somalia is a beautiful country commonly referred to as the horn of Africa. However, it is often sunny and Hailing a tuk tuk under the hot scorching Somalia sun was proving to be a daunting task. There were other times that passengers wanten to be picked from their residences but their options were limited. Often, clients could be charged varying prices for the same distance journey, with others worrying for their safety. The client needed a taxi App that could connect passengers to fast, safe and convenient rides across Mogadishu.


Digital Tailor Agency understood earlier on that Wac bajaj was looking to be a trendsetter by coming up with a long-lasting solution. They didn’t just want to provide transportation services; they needed an app where passengers could conveniently order rides. An app that was compatible with most smartphones and was safe and secure. Fortunately, we had qualified app developers who were well versed with the current technologies. They first started out by trying to understand the client’s objectives before commencing on the project.

Digital Tailor Agency also came up with an effective brand strategy, Logo design and developed their website.


The app development team of Digital Tailor Agency designed Wac Bajaj, a reliable android app that allowed people to request for tuk tuks wherever they were. This App is relatively easy to use and once clients order for a taxi, they can track how far their ride is and see the arrival of their rider in real time. It is available on the App store and Google Play. Wac Bajajs launch was successful, with various people ordering rides on the same day.

Digital Tailor agency continues to work with Wac Bajaj to continually improve the App.