Uchumi, a supermarket chain in Kenya, had an ecommerce platform where customers could make purchases online. This was in response to the failing stores and the increase in online shoppers compared to those who visited the physical store.


As a failing supermarket brand, people were beginning to lose trust in them, resulting in low sales. It was also proving difficult for customers not to associates their brand with failure, no matter the platform. The situation was further worsened by the fact that their e-commerce site was also not faring well, partly due to the design.


We were approached with the task of redesigning the Uchumi E-Commerce website in an effort to bring freshness and attractiveness to the ailing Uchumi Brand. Lucky for them, the team at Digital Tailor Agency is highly skilled and qualified to handle such tasks.



We redesigned Uchumi’s ecommerce platform into a more user cenetric design that their clients would love. We also designed specific Vendor landing pages within the site for vendors such as Unilever to access the site.