Tropic Air is a privately-owned air charter company located in Nanyuki, Kenya that was incorporated in the early 1990s. They offer a wide range of services including safaris throughout sub-Saharan Africa (with Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Congo being their main destinations). Due to their many years of experience in the industry, they have intimate knowledge of exploring Africa and provide their clients with nothing but the best views.


As an aviation company, most of Tropical Air Kenya’s services require visual graphics. A client looking for a private flight would be better convinced after seeing a couple of private flights in action. Without a proper web or mobile app in place, clients would have a difficult time accessing their vast portfolio. Having a website that wasn’t optimized meant that they were ranking low on search engines and thus experiencing a reduction in organic traffic.


Our experienced professionals at Digital Tailor Agency conducted and SEO to assist in the optimization of Tropical Air Kenya’s website. We also found out that they needed a more memorable logo: one that clients could immediately relate with and was easy to remember. After further research, it was concluded that they needed a web and mobile application to enable clients access their services easily. The website design also needed to be craftily designed to enhance user satisfaction.


Digital tailor agency was detrimental in the logo design of Tropical Air Kenya, providing them with a more efficient logo. The graphic designers and web development team, using a mixture of current technologies, created a user-friendly mobile and web app. Our team also conducted search engine optimization to increase their rankings on search engines. This project also involved cloud hosting and woo commerce integration into the site.

Digital tailor Agency continually works with Tropical Air Kenya for website maintenance.