Tribal tourist is a luxury tours and travel company with offices in Cape Town, Zanzibar and Dubai. They
offer a wide range of services including honeymoons, city adventures, island adventures, luxury, tribal
and wildlife adventures.


The tours and travel industry is highly competitive and companies now have to result to digital tactics to
increase their visibility. Tribal Tourist was having a challenge reaching new clients as their rankings on
search engines were low. Their web layout was in favour of desktop users which meant that users on
mobile devices were having a hard time navigating the site.


Digital Tailor agency was tasked with creating a responsive website design that would be easy to
navigate. It was also important that Tribal tourist have a professional logo that their clients could easily
memorize and associate with them. We also undertook SEO, both on page and off page, coupled with
digital marketing to ensure they could easily be found on search engines.



With an optimized website that had a responsive design, Tribal Tourist’s rakings on search engines
improved considerably. We also hosted the site for them and continue to conduct website maintenance
for Tribal Tourist.