Ten Senses Africa is a company committed to connecting macadamia nut farmers with high end markets. They are advocates of fair trade and hold their operations primarily in Lamu, Mombasa. All of their products are organically grown and they have partnered with reputable organizations such as Slovak Aid.


The field of marketing has grown exponentially and companies dependent on old marketing tactics face a problem. With most people seeking out products online, Ten Sense Africa was facing a challenge with their rankings on search engines. They also lacked the relevant expertise to run digital marketing campaigns.


An seo audit was conducted on their site to determine their rankings compared to their competitors. Digital Tailor Agency seo expert then researched the most relevant keywords to assist with on page SEO. It was also important that a digital marketing campaign be run to increase their audience reach.



Ten Sense Africa’s site was fully optimized to ensure that they appeared in search results. The long tail keywords used helped to target customers that were specifically looking for their services.
Digital Tailor Agency also created a responsive web design for them and was tasked with website maintenance.