Suzie Wokabi is an African beautypreneur popularly known for founding SuzieBeauty, Kenya’s first beauty brand. She had always wanted to start a cosmetic line for the African woman and in 2009 her journey began. In 2012, she officially launched Suzie beauty which has currently grown to become a well-known brand. Thanks to her, African ladies can now get cosmetics specifically designed for their skin tones and texture.


After selling Suzie Beauty to the Flame Tree group, Suzie needed to establish her authority as a personal brand. People were so used to seeing her as part of Suzie beauty that they didn’t realize that she was a brand on her own. Suzie required a way in which she could share her expertise and interact with her personal fans. A platform where she could share her works and achievements without affiliation to any company.


The team at Digital Tailor Agency prides itself in being able to tailor solutions to the client’s needs. We quickly realized that the solution to her challenge was a personal website which would act as her portfolio. This website would contain her story and promote her as a personal brand while still showing her expertise in the beauty products industry.



We created suziewokabi.com, an award-winning website that not only portrayed her as the face of African beauty but also acted as her portfolio. With user focus in mind, we made the website mobile friendly and easy to navigate. Through this website, Suzie could now engage with her fans as a brand while still keep them up to date with her achievements. We were also involved in logo creation, digital marketing and the search engine optimization of the site.

Digital tailor continually works with Suzie Wokabi to maintain the site and enhance user experience.