SeaWays LTD  is one of East Africa’s top custom broker and freight forwarder, handling logistics across 5 countries within East Africa. They have always been in the front line of providing client with the most reliable and flexible logistic solutions, setting them apart from their competitors. With over 25 years in the industry, their expertise is unmatched and it’s no surprise most clients prefer their services.


The changing digital trends meant that most clients were looking for logistic solutions online rather than physically. This resulted in a decrease in physical buyers which meant they had to create an online presence. Having an online presence also meant that they needed a gateway for the staff, suppliers and clients to access their services with ease. With most people accessing the web from their mobile phones, it meant that a basic website wouldn’t cover it.


The web development team at Digital Tailor Agency realized that the best solution for SeaWays LTD was creation of a website. A modern website meant that their clients could easily access their services at the palm of their hand. This would also provide the opportunity to create portals for the staff and agents to log in. With a website, it would be possible for Seaways to streamline all their online operations.


Digital Tailor Agency designed and developed a website for Seaways ltd and integrated an insurance and logistic portal. The logistic portal for car and container import was for their staff, admin, customers and agents like SBT and Car Trade Review. The insurance portal on the other hand enabled their agency insurance company to integrate with CIC insurance and print motor vehicle insurance automatically

Their website has a user centric design and is easy to navigate. It is also mobile responsive to ensure clients using their mobile devices can also access the site.

Digital Tailor Agency continues to work with Seaways LTD for website maintenance and digital marketing.