Pink Elephant is an online laundry cleaning company that has provided exceptional services to its clients since 2014. They pride themselves in being the best in the industry and continues to cultivate healthy relationships with its clients by offering unmatched services.


With most of their operations being carried out from their website, lack of search engine optimization meant that their competitors often ranked higher than them. Lack of a user-friendly website also meant that clients couldn’t easily access their services. without digital marketing expertise, it became difficult to reach wider audiences.


Digital Tailor agency helped in the design of a professional logo and in web and mobile design and development. SEO keyword research was detrimental in optimizing their site while complementing digital marketing campaigns would help expose their brand to more people.



With a fully optimized site that was responsive to both mobile and desktop users, their organic traffic increased exponentially. Search engine optimization helped Pink Elephant rank higher than their competitors, with digital marketing giving them more reach.

Digital Tailor Agency continues to work with Bookhive Kenya for SEO and website maintenance.