Safaricom ltd is Kenya’s leading communications company and has the strongest and widest coverage. It is also home to Mpesa, a mobile money service that has become deeply rooted among Kenyans. One of the reasons why Mpesa has garnered wide acceptance is due to the strategically placed agents will make it easy to people even in remote areas to access the service.


The upsurge of Mpesa brought about an increase in agents, who are usually paid on commission based on transactions carried out. With agents handling lots of transactions, it was important that there be a system where they could monitor their float, transactions and commissions.


Digital Tailor Agency’s app developers were tasked with creating an app that would enable Mpesa agents centralize all their transactions. Through this app, agents would no longer have to calculate their commissions manually as this was prone to errors.



The Mpesa Agents statement app is fully functional and is currently in use by most Mpesa Agents.