M-FARE is an android application, booking and fare collection system that uses SMS to give out tickets to passengers. The SMS comes with a link that opens an MPESA payment push notification requesting them to pay for their transport by inputting their MPESA Pin number. It also uses a mobile receipt printer as a backup plan if the SMS gateway fails.


Fare collection can often be tasking, mostly due to the different sums of money being handled. It is not uncommon to have deficits at the end of the day, especially due to giving more change or failure to charge some passengers. With manual payment systems, accountability is also reduced as it is difficult to establish how much money was earned during the day.


The App develop team at Digital Tailor Agency realized that the only way to eradicate these challenges was by automating booking and fare collection. This would ease the operation of SME in the transport industry by solving their main pain points by enabling automatic accounting and other analysis such as financial analysis that may enable them to make informed decisions.



Digital Tailor Agency developed M-fare to eliminate financial inconsistencies and make fare collection and booking easy. This app is available on Google Playstore.