Leesthetics was founded by Leon Weche, a certified trainer and qualified nutritionist. He started this company out of sheer passion that may have been influenced by his family’s sports background. Through Leethstics, Leon is able to help his clients achieve their fitness goals.


Being a fitness trainer, Leon needed an avenue where he could reach more people. He also needed to launch his business to the next level by creating an online presence. This way, he could both share his experience as a trainer and also gain more clients. Being an entrepreneur also meant that he had to look for qualified professionals to optimize his site so he can focus on running other aspects of the business.


Digital Tailor Agency was entrusted with creating a fully functional website for Leesthtics. We were also tasked with search engine optimization, logo design and digital marketing. All this combined would help Leon reach a wider audience and improve brand visibility.



We created an online home for Leesthetics and further optimized his page using various short and longtail keywords. This helped to improve his rankings on search engines and made it possible for Leesthtics to rank higher than their competitors.