The Leasing Association of Kenya was registered in 2003 and is an association for leasing practitioners and asset finance in Kenya. Their mandate is to bring together individuals and firms engaged in leasing and to ensure the leasing industry is not only developed but also sustainable.


LAK needed a fully functional website where they could keep their stakeholders and fans constantly updated. They also needed search engine optimization to help improve their rankings and make them more accessible to web users looking for their services. lack of relevant digital marketing expertise was also a challenge.


Digital Tailor Agency was given the task of creating a website for LAK. This site would be designed with user experience in mind and optimized for search engines. An SEO audit would be done to rank them against their competitors and determine which keywords their target audience was using to search for their services.



We created a user centric website with a responsive design that made it easy for users to navigate their site. Our seo experts optimized their website, improving its rankings on search engines and make potential clients easily find them.