Kupon Villa is Kenya’s home of amazing discounts. By displaying what discounts various brands have to offer they enable their audience save money on a variety of products and services. It is like a one stop shop for all discount needs.


As a way to appreciate their customers, most vendors tend to give coupons which the clients can then redeem for a product. Without a reliable way of validating these coupons, it becomes impossible to establish whether they are expired or legitimate.


Digital Tailor Agency was entrusted with developing an app that would make it easy for vendors to validate coupons. This would not only save them invaluable time but also considerably reduce the error margin.



We developed a code scanner for vendors and merchants to scan, validate and view previous scanned Qr codes. The system also has the ability to generate unique QR code that only the application can read and is currently in use by clients like IPS,Pizza Inn.