Horizon hauliers is a leading constructions services company and is a trendsetting builder in diverse and numerous market segments. They mainly focus on road construction works but also do water reservoirs and dams.


Traditional marketing methods just don’t hack it anymore. While in the past using print media was enough, companies looking to survive these digital times have to adapt. Horizon Haulers needed an agency with the relevant expertise to run a successful digital marketing campaign. They also needed search engine optimization to improve their rankings on search engines.


Digital Tailor Agency was involved in the creation of a responsive website design and a professional logo. We also provided digital marketing services to improve their brand visibility and SEO services to improve their search engine rankings.



We were able to fully optimize Horizon Hauliers’ site using a variety of longtail keywords which potential customers would key in when looking for their services. We also ran a digital marketing campaign to increase their client reach on online platforms.