Frigoken Ltd is one of the largest vegetable processing export-oriented company in East Africa. Their value chain comprises of many small-scale farmers with their main focus being premium horticultural products. They are not only committed towards enhancing social and economic impact, but also adhering to international food safety standards.


More than half of all website visitors are usually on their mobile devices, posing a problem to websites that are not mobile friendly. Frigoken Ltd’s website layout was designed for desktop users which meant that users on smaller devices most often had to result to a landscape view to access the site’s services. Being an African company, it was also important that their website pictures speaks out to Africans.


Digital Tailor Agency’s web design and development team understood the importance of having a responsive web design in this digital era. This meant creating website pages that could respond to various types of screen sizes including mobile phones and tablets. We also undertook photography and iconography to make their website more appealing to their target audience.



Frigoken Ltd website currently has a responsive mobile website that can accommodate various screen sizes. Their photography and iconography is also topnotch and is more relatable to the website users.
Digital Tailor Agency continually works with Frigoken Ltd for web maintenance.