Duma Africa Safaris is an African travel company dedicated to proving their clients with some of the most exotic experiences. They have a team of experienced tour professionals, all of whom have a detrimental role to play in the overall tour experience. With great geographical knowledge and unmatched expertise, they aim to show off Africa in a flattering light.


Currently, having a website is no longer enough. It has to be user friendly and skillfully designed to make potential clients want to stay on the site. The first thing people notice after landing on a website is the design. 15 seconds is enough for them to decide on whether to keep navigating the site or exit it. Having a website that ranks low on search engines is also problematic as it means the amount of organic traffic is low. This then translates to low sales.


After a thorough audit, the team at Digital Tailor Agency realized that Duma Africa Safaris needed an SEO friendly website which could clearly portray their rich wildlife class, showcase their services and still be a selling point for them. The website would be designed with user experience in mind and made easy to navigate whether on a desktop or mobile device. An SEO audit would be done to determine whether they needed on page or off page SEO to improve their search engine rankings.



Digital Tailor Agency’s highly skilled team used a mixture of current technologies to create a modern website with an authentic African feel to it. This, together with search engine optimization of their site increased their rankings on search engines. The resulting outcome was a beautifully designed website showcasing their services and increased organic traffic to their site.
Digital Tailor Agency continues to work with Duma Africa Safaris for SEO and website maintenance.