Bwala Africa group is an African online logistics company that is also available in Asia but has its
headquarters in Nairobi Kenya. They specialize in offering lastmile order fulfillment for both B2C and
B2B companies.


Positioning a company in the minds of both current and potential clients is no easy feat. It comprises of
various techniques including vigorous branding, the most important factor being a professional logo.
Without a logo that customers can associate with your brand then all marketing efforts may all be futile.
Bwala Africa group was looking to improve company visibility through branding.


Digital Tailor Agency was entrusted with branding Bwala Africa group coupled with designing a
professional logo. They needed high quality business cards which would come in handy in their
networking efforts. Bwala Africa also needed merchandise branding including Tshirts for their



Our graphic designers did not disappoint as Bwala Africa group’s branding was a complete success. Their
logo is consistent with their services, making it easy for them to position their brand in their customer’s