Bookhive Kenya is Kenya’s first online bookstore dedicated to providing sanctuary to all book lovers. Theirs is like an online library comprising of a variety of books for young readers not only in Kenya but also worldwide. With the number of library visitors quickly dwindling, Bookhive Kenya seeks to improve literacy levels by providing avid readers with book formats that they can relate with. Simply put, they are a book haven for people who enjoy getting lost in stories.


Being an online bookstore, Bookhive Kenya was having a challenge garnering enough organic traffic. This meant that their visibility was limited and thereby people who needed their products couldn’t find them. Since their operations were mostly conducted online, it was important that their clients be able to find them with ease.


The digital marketing team at Digital Tailor Agency understood that Bookhive Kenya needed an efficient solution to enhance visibility. This meant running search engine ads to not only reach more people but also increase brand awareness. Bookhive Kenya also needed both off page and on page SEO to improve their search engine rankings.



Digital Tailor Agency came up with a professional Logo for Bookhive Kenya, one that their clients could relate with. We were also involved with web and mobile design development to enable their customers to navigate their website with ease.

Digital Tailor Agency continues to work with Bookhive Kenya for SEO and website maintenance.