Bison Holdings ltd is an IT company based in Nairobi that not only focuses on IT solutions but also the equipment needed. They provide these solutions to clients around East Africa and mostly focus on providing business management solutions to suppliers and vendors in the region.


While having a website was previously enough, there are various factors that companies need to put into consideration, including user experience and optimization for search engines. Bison Holdings needed Professional logo design, web and mobile design and development, digital marketing and SEO.


A responsive web design meant enhanced user experience as clients would be able to navigate the site easily. An seo audit would help determine which type of seo would be suitable for them while digital marketing would be detrimental in not only creating brand awareness but also increasing sales. A professional logo would go a long way in positioning Bison Holdings’ brand in the minds of their clients.


Digital tailor agency was able to skillfully design a user-friendly website with a mobile responsive design. Using a mixture of both shorttail and longtail keywords, we were also able to help Bison Holdings rank higher than their competitors, thus increasing organic traffic.