Baobab asset resolution company is an asset resolution company that majors in distressed assets. They take non-performing assets and find solutions for them. This company works with both borrowers and lenders who are distressed to come up with lasting solutions for assets that no longer perform as they should.


Most online users currently use their mobile devices to search the web and are unable to easily navigate sites whose layout only support desktop users. Baobab Asset Resolution’s website was locking out mobile users, leading to a reduction in organic traffic. They also needed a way to increase brand visibility so that more people could find them.


Digital Tailor Agency was given the task of creating a professional logo and designing a responsive site. Our SEO services were also needed to help Baobab Asset Resolution increase their rankings on search engines like google. This, coupled with a digital marketing campaign would expose their company to a wider audience.



A responsive web design was created for Baobab Asset to make it easier for clients to navigate the site. The search engine optimization and digital marketing helped to widen their customer reach. .