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Digital Tailor Agency Limited was founded in Nairobi to fill a growing gap in professional IT and digital marketing services in Kenya. We set out to explore our curiosity to make innovative digital solutions that would put Kenya on the global map. In IT, we provide intuitive web and graphics design and software applications to increase organizational productivity. Through payment integration, we have enabled businesses to complete transactions online. We revolutionize customer service with intelligent chatbots to move Kenya closer to a 24-hour economy. Our cloud infrastructure provides secure hosting for websites and online safety and privacy for information. Digital Tailor looks to increase the visibility of Kenyan businesses by pioneering disruptive digital marketing strategies. We use our talents to deliver search engine optimization, content marketing, social media management and digital campaigns that connect with people and whose performance can be measured. More so, our digital agency seeks to bring everyone onboard digital platforms regardless of their budgets with flexible pricing.


    DTA Solutions aim to facilitate and support the digital presence for Kenyan entrepreneurs. We commit to inspiring concepts that change how IT and digital marketing services are delivered to Kenyan businesses. Every day, we set out to reach the unserved organizations to bring them on board the digital revolution. With custom budgets to support Kenyan dreams, we create technology made in Nairobi for the African business. Our connections with the people we serve and our pledge to provide dependable products and services make us Nairobi’s elite digital agency.


    When all African businesses will run innovative software solutions and reach out to global audiences on the digital space, it will be Digital Tailor’s bliss. We want to weave African dreams with world class technology. We desire to be on the frontline, pioneering unique graphics, driving constructive marketing strategies and crafting novel websites fit to make African organizations compete globally. We want to make digital services affordable to everyone with a dream. Our culture of working with passion, curiosity, and diligence is shaping us to become the model digital agency in Kenya.


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    We love being part of the digital movement.


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    We constantly come up with innovative digital solutions for all our clients.


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    We promote long-term relationships with clients.


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    Our team is comprised of passionate professionals who really enjoy what they do.


Our People


DTA Solution’s leadership team has a long history of success in technology, business management, and franchising.


  • Collaboration – All for one, one for all. Our bonds make us better people. Good people make great products and deliver exceptional services.
  • Curiosity – Because we always want to know more and answer the unasked question. Our curiosity compels us to pioneer disruptive digital solutions
  • Honesty – We are tailors, and tailors are artists. We tell the truth, not for reward but because it is the only way to express our art.
  • Reliability – We pledge what we are capable of and remain steadfast to those promises.
  • Passion – We love what we do and have fun doing it. Our workplace encourages creatives thrilled by dynamic challenges.
Why choose us


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    Responsive Support

    You will receive round-the-clock support from Digital Tailor throughout our engagement. We will consistently seek feedback from you to continuously build on our products and services.

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    Creative Talent

    Our digital agency keeps a diverse assortment of talent. We are easy with the unusual, bordering crazy, concepts. It is from this unique standpoint that we pioneer innovative ways of communication in the way we deliver our services

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    Customer-centric Focus

     We work closely with our clients to make products that connect with their needs and their audience. Our proficiency at building applications, websites, chatbots, or any other custom software is directed at what works for you.

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    Competitive Pricing

     We reach out to everyone with flexible rates. We will tailor our software solutions to fit your budget and deliver an optimum return on investment.

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    Flexibility and Scalability

    Other than our optimal team, we also have the ability to scale up in order to meet aggressive deadlines. We are open to modifications and can easily adjust to new project instructions.

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    The Details

    We drill down to the finest aspects of products. Our project managers do not leave anything to chance in their execution and we document every detail we receive from you.

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