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5 Ways to Increase User Engagement on your Mobile Application

Did you know that 21 percent of new users abandon mobile apps after only one use? It takes a lot more than a great idea for your mobile application to be successful. High download rates mean nothing if users are not active. The good news is that you can do something about it. Here are five proven strategies to help you increase the engagement of your app users.

Work with Diligent Mobile Developers

It goes without saying that to retain more users, you need to build a high-quality application. Each time your app lags or crashes, your users get more impatient and might abandon the app altogether. Aside from functionality, your app should also be easy to access and use. Differentiate the app from the web experience. Simplify the account creation process to make sure your users see the value of your app from the moment they log on. Hiring experienced mobile developers who test your product and track its functionality goes a long way towards increasing user engagement and retention.

Customize the User Experience

Create a unique experience for each of your customers. Don’t just send generic push notifications that deliver a uniform experience to all your users. Leverage the user data in your application and create personalized content and material based on their behavioral patterns. Provide specific discount deals based on location and spending habits. Display the user’s name on the screen for a more personal feel. In as much as you should target user preferences, don’t be too pushy or send irrelevant content to your users as it might drive them away. Aligning the app with your customer’s interests is sure to increase mobile app usage.

Set up Social Media Links

Offer multiple registration options that allow users to log into your app with their social media accounts. Since most users spend their time on social media, make your content shareable on relevant social networks. Apart from increasing your app engagement, synchronizing your app with social media will also improve your online visibility.

Pay Attention to User Feedback

It is essential to maintain a continuous flow of information between yourself and the users on your app. Push notifications cannot engage the customer in the same way feedback can. Use reviews, ratings, and email surveys to find out if users are getting the most out of the app, and if not, find out how you can improve their experience. Fostering a two-way dialogue helps maintain brand loyalty, acquire new customers, as well as enhance mobile app retention.

Gamification Drives Mobile App Retention

Mobile game applications use the concept of ‘leveling up’ to enhance retention. Users get rewards for completing tasks (such as buying your products) and can redeem their rewards for more products. Set up virtual rewards for customers who refer their friends to your app. Gamification makes your users feel like they are getting something for free, which increases engagement and maintains brand loyalty.

Mobile app development is all about the user. 

Customer acquisition is only the beginning of your mobile app success. Users have a lot of apps to choose from, meaning you have to offer value based on their interests so as to increase your mobile app usage and retention.

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